Only 10% of all road and rail accidents are the consequence of mechanical issues. Two key aggravating factors impact the ability of operators to drive safely: fatigue and illnesses resulting in reduced cognitive awareness, or loss of consciousness.

The Driver Innovation Safety Challenge (DISC) aims to support the creation of a solution able to help operators, and mobile workers, identify the early signs of a degradation of their health and determine their fatigue levels, and associated risks.

All fatigue and health risks will be reflected through a generic Green/Amber/Red alert score as the DISC solution doesn’t aim to lead to a health diagnostic but to identify when a referral to occupational health or a GP is necessary.

If an alert is raised (due to, for example, the start of a cardiovascular incident, or a micro-sleep), the control room staff will advise on the appropriate interventions to secure the safety of both operators and passengers/general public.