DISC is sponsored by George Lowder, Chief Executive for Transport for Edinburgh (Lothian Buses, Edinburgh Trams) and Chair of UK Tram. DISC is supported by the CAN DO Innovation Challenge Fund.

The DISC project is separated in 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Research and Development (R&D) Phase

IHF is to implement, on behalf of the DISC Project Board, the R&D and iterative R&D testing necessary to develop a solution to DISC. IHF is expected to propose a solution for final independent testing and review by the DISC Project Board by July 2021.

As a first step to the development of the DISC solution, IHF will be providing Edinburgh Trams with a post-COVID return to work device able to monitor that drivers and operators continue to be clear of COVID.

Staff representatives will be involved throughout the duration of the project.

The R&D Phase Project Plan will be as follow:

Phase 2 – Independent Testing Phase

The DISC Project Board is to implement an independent testing of the IHF DISC solution to review its performance.

The Project Board is currently looking for volunteers (bus/tram drivers and control room operators) to test the solutions developed. Please login into the “Staff” section of this website, “Beta Tester Program”, to apply. [This section of the website is currently under construction].

Phase 3 –  Framework award, call-off contracts and deployment -this phase will be specific to each organisation named on the Framework.

The Framework structure enables the organisations named on it to purchase directly from IHF Ltd., without the need to re-tender. However, DISC is not a commitment from any of the framework organisations to purchase the solution developed during the challenge.